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Providing the skills struggling readers need to become effective readers.


Mission Statement

Many people are struggling due to the pandemic and the economic crisis that exists today, including our youngest community members.  

In order to be an effective reader, there are important skills that our children are lacking.  We want to provide them these skills, along with materials, tutoring, and FUN!  Our reading lessons are built around character building, financial literacy, STEM/STEAM activities, crafts, AND field trips!!

Sponsored by Effective Family Life, a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit organization.  

Location:  Gateway Conference Center at The City of Promise Church 1260 Hicks Blvd. in Fairfield

Dates:  July 1st through July 26, 2024 (NO Camp on July 4rd or 5th)

Time:  9 AM - 1 PM with free breakfast, lunch and snack for the Campers.

This year's theme is I Spy Effective Readers.

Reading is a difficult process that is NOT automatic.  Struggling readers require skills to crack the reading code. Here's why....

How Can YOU Help?

  • READ  READ  READ  often to any child that will listen.

  • VOLUNTEER! Come help us build effectivereaders.

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